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Combo Fundraiser Programs

Our most popular program combines three profitable product lines on one brochure. Your sellers will be able to offer many options to their supporters and easily earn the money they need!


Our combo fundraiser program includes three incredible product lines:

  • Butter Braid® Pastries

  • Wooden Spoon® Cookie Dough

  • Show Me Dough 2-pack pizzas

Profit up to $8.80 per item

The combo fundraiser program is perfect for groups looking to provide supporters with the most options. From sweet pastries and cookies to savory pizzas, this frozen food fundraiser caters to a wide audience to increase your chances of raising more money.

If you’re interested in setting up a fundraiser or have questions about our offerings, send us an email or give us a call. 

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Cinnamon Butter Braid pastry fundaiser

Butter Braid® pastries

  • Fundraiser Group Profit: $6.80 = 40% Profit

  • Consumer Retail Price: $17

  • Size:

    • Butter Braid® pastries - 22 oz., 11 servings

    • Butter Braid® rolls - 23 oz., 9 rolls

Available Flavors

Apple, Strawberry Cream Cheese, Cinnamon, Cherry, Cream Cheese, Raspberry and Caramel Roll 

Four Cheese & Herb (Online Exclusive)

WoodenSpoon Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Wooden Spoon® Cookie Dough

  • Fundraiser Group Profit: $7.60 = 40% Profit

  • Consumer Retail Price: $19

  • 40, 1 oz. cubes - customer can choose how many to bake and save the rest for another time

Available Flavors

Triple Chocolate, White Chunk Macadamia Nut, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter and Snickerdoodle

Oatmeal Cranberry (Online Exclusive)

ML hires.JPG

Show Me Dough 2-pack pizzas

  • Fundraiser Group Profit: $8.80 = 40% Profit

  • Consumer Retail Price: $22

  • 2 - 11" full-size pizzas in each box​


Available Flavors

Four Cheese, Ultimate Pepperoni, Meat Lover's, Supreme and BBQ Chicken

Benefits of Fundraising Through Show Me Dough:

  • High profitability 

  • Great products 

  • Multiple products and product choices 

  • Simple and reliable online service 

  • Incredible customer service team 

  • Fast responses and delivery 

Tips for Successful Pastry, Cookie Dough, and Pizza Fundraisers

Whether your organization has never run a fundraiser before or it’s an annual tradition, here are some helpful tips to guide your sellers through our frozen food fundraising program.


  • Schedule a meeting with your sellers to talk about how the fundraiser works, goals, and resources. Have them practice selling to one another to increase their comfort if they’ve never done something like this before.

  • Encourage your sellers to offer supporters the chance to order through a brochure or our secure online fundraising store.

  • If working with students, give them extra brochures for their parents to take to work.

  • Encourage your sellers to make realistic goals, and help them meet those goals.


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