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Triple Chocolate Cookies


Our resources can be helpful when it comes to getting started and achieving success in your fundraising. Whether you’re a novice or a fundraising veteran, having the right resources and tools at your disposal can make all the difference. Helpful hints and how-to information can provide guidance and simplify the process of setting up and executing a fundraiser. 

Quick Start

Five steps to get your fundraiser off and running in no time!

Effective Strategies to Promote

Need some ideas on how to let the community know your group is fundraising? Check out this great blog post from!

How to Ask Someone to Support Your Fundraiser

A great post about how to ask someone to buy from a fundraiser. Posted by on their blog.

How Its Made Butter Braid Pastries

Click the video above to see how the Butter Braid Pastries are made. 

Fundraising Made Simple

For Group Leaders looking how to navigate your Group Leader Portal.

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