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Butter Braid® Pastry Fundraiser

Our Butter Braid® Pastry is the original hand-braided fundraising pastry. This unique product is exclusive to fundraising and will sell like crazy in your community year after year!

Butter Braid® Pastry Fundraiser value breakdown:

  • Fundraiser group profit: $6.80 = 40%

  • Consumer retail price: $17

  • Size:

    • Butter Braid® Pastries - 22 oz., 11 servings

    • Butter Braid® Pastry Rolls - 23 oz., 9 rolls

  • Eight delicious flavors

Whether this is your first time or you’re a fundraising pro, our Butter Braid® Pastry Fundraiser program is perfect for sellers with different experience levels. Once you’re connected with our team, we’ll help you through the entire process in whatever capacity you need to have a successful event or season.

Sign your group up today to begin your pastry braid fundraiser.

ButterBraid-Lifestyle-14 (1).jpg







Strawberry Cream Cheese




Cream Cheese




Caramel Roll

Four Cheese & Herb

Four Cheese & Herb


Adding Flavor and Fun to Your Fundraising!


Butter Braid® pastries are among the top fundraising baked goods sold for both sellers and supporters. They combine easy marketing and delivery for sellers with a high-quality product that supporters will love. Once your organization begins an annual Butter Braid® pastry fundraiser, you’re sure to have repeat customers whenever you send out those sweet pastry brochures.

There’s no wrong time of the year to start a fundraiser with these delicious pastries. Butter Braid® pastries are a wonderful dessert for all occasions throughout the year. From holidays to family gatherings to special events, supply your supports with the best sweet treat around. Everyone doesn’t have to scarf everything down at once, either—these pastries store well. Simply keep them frozen, or re-freeze them, for whenever the moment is right.

If you wish to learn more about these delicious pastries, get in contact with our team. We’re always happy to answer any questions, and we can even send some free samples your way!

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